MDG Boston: Medical Device Product Development Design-for-Usability, Oct 2, 2019

Join CBSET at the MDG Boston forum, Medical Device Product Development
Design-for-Usability, October 2, 2019, at Regis College, Fine Arts Center, 235 Wellesley St, Weston, Massachusetts 02493.

More than a third of medical device incidents involved a use error and more than half of all device recalls for design problems involve the user interface. The FDA has made medical device usability a key topic of concern and has issued guidance.

This event will bring together a mix of science, design and engineering professionals involved in medical device research and product development, regulatory, clinical, quality and marketing professionals with an interest in medical device usability to discuss the importance of usability in medical device design from software, hardware, human factors, clinical and regulatory perspectives.

If you would like to meet up with us there, please contact us.

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