Education, A Critical Component of the CBSET Mission

CBSET was founded with a scientific and educational mission from its inception, and has worked towards realizing this vision in a variety of ways:

Fellowships and Internships

CBSET routinely hosts postgraduate interns, fellows and rising researchers to mutually enrich scientific acumen and deepen relationships with local academic institutions. To find out more about these programs, check out the profiles of current and past participants.


A crucial component of our scientific mission is to support appropriate and timely publication and presentation of results, methods and approaches. Our scientific staff actively supports sponsors in all facets of publication and manuscript preparation, including engaging our scientific experts to present data at national and international forums. A list of our presentations and publications can be found here.

Institutional Relationships

CBSET maintains ongoing collaborations with preeminent academic and government institutions including the FDA. We routinely participate in government sponsored research, collaborate in ground-breaking science, and support the development of methods and tools that are enabling to industry.


CBSET provides excellent environment for physicians, engineers and technical staff to train and test novel complex systems with hands on experience.


Our team of experts can advise on study design, drawing on our repertoire of expertise in biocompatibility, medical device evaluation, surgery, pharmacology, animal model development, computational modeling and histopathology. We will be happy to assist you in designing programs, and presenting findings or engaging with the FDA.