CBSET Welcomes Efstathios Stratakos, Sept 1, 2023

CBSET welcomes ESR6 Efstathios Stratakos, an early-stage DECODE researcher. About Efstathios Stratakos Host: Politecnico di Milano In silico simulations at macro/meso scale of angioplasty with DCBs, focusing on the mechanical aspects at the balloon-vessel interface (WP3, WP4) Efstathios Stratakos received the Integrated Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the University of Patras with […]

CBSET Welcomes Linnea Tscheuschner, Aug 27, 2023

CBSET welcomes ESR13 Linnea Tscheuschner, an early-stage DECODE researcher. About Linnea Tscheuschner Host: NKUA Influence of lesion complexity and coating formulation on local coating penetration and downstream embolization after treatment with drug coated balloons (WP3) Linnea Tscheuschner received a master’s degree in Life Science at the University of Hanover, Germany in 2022. Her master’s thesis […]

Interview with Hearing Health Matters: New Medical Approaches to Treating Hearing Loss

Peter Markham, CBSET Founder, CEO and President, and Celia Belline, CILcare Founder and CEO discuss “New Medical Approaches to Treating Hearing Loss” In this interview with Hearing Health Matters, Celia and Peter recount their successful strategic collaboration over the last 5 years, and their recent award for their innovative preclinical auditory services in the 3rd […]

Press Release: CILcare-CBSET receive Hearing Technology Innovator Awards for their cutting-edge preclinical auditory services in therapeutics category

LEXINGTON, MA, USA, October 21st, 2022 — CILcare, a leading R&D services company dedicated to ear disorders, announced today that the company, and its partner CBSET Inc., a not-for-profit translational research institute, have been recognized for their innovative preclinical auditory services in the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. Through the annual awards program, Hearing […]

Press Release: Preclinical Study Provides Guidance for Optimizing Safety and Efficacy of Endovascular Hepatic Denervation Devices to Treat Diabetes

“Our study has documented, for the first time, the distributionof nerves and adjacent anatomies surrounding human hepatic arteries. This is the foundation for the development of catheter-based denervation technologies, providing invaluable guidance on the preferred treatment locations and depths in order to be effective,” said Dr. Rami Tzafriri, Director of Research & Innovation for CBSET […]

MD+DI: COVID-19 One Year Later: Can’t Keep a Medical Device Startup Down

How one medtech startup and its preclinical research partner overcame pandemic-related obstacles to continue its medical device research project. Prior to COVID-19, VentureMed was on a roll. The Minneapolis, MN-based company’s first-generation Flex Vessel Prep System had demonstrated promising clinical performance following FDA clearance and the company was preparing to introduce an improved second-generation device. […]

Press Release: CBSET-CILcare to report experimental methodologies for performing cochlear implant studies in anatomically relevant large species at the ‘ARO 2021 Virtual Midwinter Meeting’

“Auditory research studies are typically performed using rodent models. Yet, owing to their size, implant studies often require a larger species with middle and inner ear anatomy more relevant to humans,” said Misty Williams-Fritze, DVM, MS, DACLAM, CBSET, co-lead researcher. Lexington, MA — February 19, 2021 — CBSET Inc., a not-for-profit translational research institute, announced […]

Cardiovascular News: FLEX Vessel Prep™ System Data Presented During Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) 2021

Trio of studies demonstrate that FLEX Vessel Prep System safely and effectively modifies obstructive plaque to facilitate delivery of definitive therapies MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 27, 2021 — VentureMed Group, Inc. (VentureMed), a privately-held medical device innovator, announced today that data from three studies evaluating the use of its FLEX Vessel Prep (VP) System were presented during […]