DECODE Network Meeting 5: Medical Device Testing during the innovation cycle – Impressions of an ESR7

DECODE Network Meeting 5 - “Medical Device Testing during the innovation cycle” - Impressions of an ESR7

by Leo Benolić (ESR7, BioIRC)

From April 17th to 19th, 2024, CBSET hosted its fifth network meeting, focusing on "Medical Device Testing during the Innovation Cycle." The event brought together a diverse group of experts and emerging researchers to discuss and share their experiences in medical device development from academic, industry, and regulatory perspectives.

The meeting kicked off with the ESR student presentations under the theme of Personal Career Development Action Plans (PCDAP). It was fascinating to see the variety of paths that each participant outlined, with a notable preference for careers in the private sector, reflecting a strong interest in translating academic work into industry applications.

Jenny Zeroni, with her rich background in developing drug coated balloons and vessel preparation devices, led the "Personal Career Paths in the US Medical Device Industry" session. Her insights into the industry's challenges and milestones provided an invaluable perspective on the medical device lifecycle.

However, one of the most compelling presentations came from Margaret Kayo, PhD, MBA, a consultant in Scientific & Regulatory Affairs. Margaret shared her unique journey into the medical device field—a path she forged despite initial unrelated qualifications. Her story of adapting and excelling in a complex field, balancing personal life and professional demands, and eventually transitioning to consultancy was truly inspiring. Her narrative underscored the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the impact of continuous learning.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, the discussions led by Franz Bozsak and Jordi Martorell were particularly enlightening. They discussed the significant roles that funding, teamwork, and company culture play in transforming scientific innovations into successful business ventures. This session underscored the dual necessity of scientific acumen and robust business strategies in the competitive landscape of medical device entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, the CBSET Network Meeting was a reservoir of knowledge, experience, and inspiration. It highlighted the multifaceted nature of medical device innovation, from conception to commercialization, and the collaborative effort required to navigate this challenging yet rewarding field. The diversity of experiences shared at the meeting provided attendees with a broader understanding of the industry and better preparation for their future endeavors".

CBSET is a proud member of the DECODE Consortium, a recipient of a European Union Horizon 2020 / Marie Curie training grant.