Tufts CTSI Translational Day 2017: Lessons learned from the front lines

Rami Tzafriri, PhD and Michael Naimark, MS. “Lessons Learned from the Front Lines.”

Summary: The Directors of Research and Innovation and Business Development presented advice and lessons learned from CBSET Inc.’s experiences on how to differentiate a new technology and navigate through a successful path to the market, and how to find the correct testing paradigm and tailor models to the scientific and regulatory requirements of your indication. They highlighted exemplary use cases and presented a comprehensive introduction to practical aspects of device development, product strategy, and regulatory science for implementing the successful pre-clinical/0.5 translational studies focused on testing, development and delivery of technologies..

Presented at the Tufts CTSI Translational Research Day 2017: Sensors and Biomarkers in Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, Nov.14th.