SNIS: Preclinical Evaluation of Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices in a Swine Clot Model

L Bailey, AS; M Gilvarry; M Holian; R Tzafriri, PhD, J Keating, DVM, DACVP, E Edelman, MD, PhD, FACC. ‘Preclinical Evaluation of Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices in a Swine Clot Model.’

Summary: Successful recanalization (TICI ≥2b) using mechanical thrombectomy (MT) with stent retriever devices is associated with good outcomes in the treatment of ischemic stroke. Preclinical TICI flow assessment is challenging due to the difficulty of consistently occluding selected blood vessels in vivo using lab-created thrombus. We describe the development of a discrete occlusive porcine clot model for predictable and repeatable assessment of TICI flow restoration and treatment effects on the vessels at the 3-day and 28-day timepoints and following MT.

Novel methods were developed to provide consistent thrombus morphology enabling controlled delivery and adherence and facilitating comparative analysis of thrombectomy devices using angiographic (TICI) flow assessment in the preclinical swine model. Angiographic assessments and vessel response to treatment by Mechanical Thrombectomy were successfully completed following occlusion with firm and soft thrombus administration.

Poster presented at: Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS), Boston, USA, July 25-29, 2016.