SIB 2017: Particulate embolization from catheter coatings

Rami Tzafriri, PhD. ‘Particulate embolization from catheter coatings.’

Summary: Medical catheters permit minimally invasive external access for monitoring, imaging, sampling, local delivery of therapeutic agents, and placement of devices like endovascular stents, aneurysm coils and transcatheter valves. Catheter coatings are employed extensively as enhancers of device lubriciousness/ steerability and as platforms for local drug delivery. Particulate embolization from such coatings can be a safety concern but can also be a mechanism for drug delivery, as in drug coated balloons. In reviewing such examples, the presentation focused on the insights obtained from preclinical animal testing of coated catheters.

Presented at the Surface in Biomaterials Foundation BioInterface Workshop & Symposium in San Diego California, Oct. 02-04, 2017.