Press Release: CBSET partner CILcare opens new subsidiary in Denmark

Montpellier, France — November 9, 2020  — CBSET partner CILcare, a world leading CRO entirely dedicated to ear disorders, announced today the opening of a new subsidiary in Copenhagen, Denmark. Already established in the US, the French company is joining the Medicon Valley Alliance, a leading international life-sciences cluster in Northern Europe.

This second subsidiary is another key step in CILcare’s continuing global expansion and will reinforce its presence in the Nordic and Northern European markets. Since its inception in 2014, CILcare has become the one-stop shop external innovation partner for Pharma, Biotech and Medtech companies in hearing disorders. Operating worldwide, CILcare supports the development of potential drugs, gene therapies, implantable devices and drug delivery technologies that can address the prevention, treatment or restoration of the hearing function.

“Denmark is the number 1 “Hearing country”. Almost 50% of the world’s Hearing aids are being manufactured in Denmark and people care about Hearing. We already have clients, prospects and potential partners, to whom we want to get closer. We like the mindset, the dynamism and the beauty of the country and we feel home in Copenhagen” comments Celia Belline, CEO.

CILcare’s new subsidiary is part of the strategy of service offering expansion.

“In addition to preclinical development, we need to develop tools and protocols that will help to better diagnose patients with hearing disorders and better monitor the effect of new therapeutics, so that they have a chance to demonstrate their efficacy and reach the market. Our hypothesis, based on our own expertise and supported by emerging literature, is that human hearing profiles might help predict the evolution of several diseases, including neurodegenerative, psychiatric, and inflammatory diseases. In Denmark, we think we can find the right partners, medtechs, pharmas, biotechs, academics, physicians, patient associations and institutions to help CILcare with its mission: MAKING HEARING A PRIORITY.” underlines Dr. Wahid Awad, CILcare’s Chief Business Officer.

“The Healthcare and Life Sciences ecosystem in Copenhagen and Denmark is extremely dynamic, and business is based on trust and building strong and long-term relationships, which are values we admire at CILcare” added Dr. Awad.

Currently, nearly half a billion people suffer from hearing loss with no approved therapeutics to treat this condition, and the prevalence is increasing dramatically. Hearing loss, tinnitus, otitis and ototoxicity result in balance issues, communication issues and even social isolation, which represent a huge unmet medical need as well as a growing market ($8 Bn/year).

Now established in one of the most innovative European life-science clusters, CILcare will continue to energize the field of hearing by networking, collaborating, and providing world class services to its sponsors and partners.

Learn more in this article by MedWatch, a prestigious Danish medical newspaper.


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About CILcare

CILcare, with headquarters in Montpellier, France, and offices in Paris and Boston, is a CRO specializing in otology. CILcare has state-of-the-art laboratories, research experts in otology and neuroscience, as well as a global network of partners, enabling CILcare to offer fully customizable and comprehensive R&D programs including pharmacokinetics, preclinical efficacy, and GLP ototoxicology studies. Learn more about CILcare’s expert R&D services dedicated to ear disorders.