ICI 2022: Image Guided Renal Denervation – The Time Is Now

This presentation by Rami Tzafriri, CBSET's Director of Research and Innovation reviewed:

  • The scientific data underlying the procedural dependence of radiofrequency (RF) denervation therapies, including a strong dependence of thermal distribution on the locations of the treating electrodes relative to nerves, veins and lymph nodes.
  • Computational modeling results comparing the thermal patterns achieved by RF and Ultrasound denervation in the same target microanatomy, demonstrating reduced anatomic sensitivity of the latter.
  • Published data demonstrating the ability of ultrasound to resolve perivascular veins, lymph nodes and sometimes even nerves.
  • Healium Medical’s joint venture with Venus Medtech, aimed at developing the Renaly system, comprising a dual-mode contactless ablation catheter, a transducer motor unit and an ultrasound console with procedure software. The software will be used to record treatment sites information and leverage ultrasound imaging to optimized ablation areas, with the main objective of improving procedure outcomes and consistency.

Presented at the ICI for All 2022 Meeting, December 4-6, 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel.