CBSET and the DECODE Consortium

CBSET and the DECODE Consortium

Training the next generation of PAD therapy researchers

CBSET is a proud member of the DECODE Consortium, a recipient of a European Union Horizon 2020 / Marie Curie training grant.

DECODE focuses on the training of young scientists on the use of drug-eluting devices to combat the burden of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Consortium members provide young researchers with excellent scientific, technological and complementary skills through a multidisciplinary training programme focused on all aspects of drug coated balloon therapies for PAD. In addition to co-supervising and hosting ESRs 6 and 13 for a secondment, CBSET has also provided in vivo preclinical experimental support to the program with imaging and bioanalysis data.

ESR 6 Efstathios Stratakos and ESR13 Linnea Tscheuschner on secondment at CBSET, working with CBSET scientists.

DECODE-related Publications:

Linnea Tscheuschner, Abraham R. Tzafriri. Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Models for Atherosclerosis Treatment Development. Bioengineering 2023, 10(12), 1373;

Stratakos E, Antonini L, Poletti G, Berti F, Tzafriri AR, Petrini L, Pennati G. Investigating Balloon-Vessel Contact Pressure Patterns in Angioplasty: In Silico Insights for Drug-Coated Balloons. Ann Biomed Eng. 2023 Sep 26. doi: 10.1007/s10439-023-03359-y. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37751027.

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