Press Release: CILcare-CBSET receive Hearing Technology Innovator Awards for their cutting-edge preclinical auditory services in therapeutics category

LEXINGTON, MA, USA, October 21st, 2022 — CILcare, a leading R&D services company dedicated to ear disorders, announced today that the company, and its partner CBSET Inc., a not-for-profit translational research institute, have been recognized for their innovative preclinical auditory services in the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™.

Through the annual awards program, Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognizes technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. This year’s awards program saw dozens of innovative technologies, submitted from companies across the globe in 8 categories. Since its inception, the awards program has helped raise over $20,000 to support the work of two non-profit organizations: the Hearing Loss Association of America and the Hearing Health Foundation.

CILcare-CBSET services aim to accelerate the development of novel therapies to prevent and treat hearing loss, which affects 1.5 billion people globally. With an unmatched expertise in the function of the ear, CILcare-CBSET’s unique translational platform allow to assess efficacy, safety, and distribution of therapeutics based on innovative and robust pharmacological models.

“We are so delighted to see our auditory services awarded this year. We know our expertise to work in the field of inner ear disease is rare and require years of experience. With CBSET, we have created a unique translational platform that links discovery science with innovation to answer the need of each of our clients. This can go from designing novel formulation with hydrogel to enable long-lasting drug release into the ears, assessing transduction of an AAV for gene therapy, or setting up a microsurgery approach for gene therapy delivery with the goal of restoring hearing,” noted Celia Belline, CILcare’s CEO.

“The goal of the Innovator Awards is to recognize the organizations and people who bring new hearing care ideas to life,” said the 2022 Awards Program Chair, Jerry DeRosa. “Technologies being developed by companies like CILcare-CBSET are helping drive innovation forward across the industry.”

“Hearing loss is a major contributor to the number of years people spend being disabled. Knowing that it will concern 1 in 4 people in 2050, and that there is no cure for the most common form sensorineural hearing loss, the need has never been so urgent. CILcare-CBSET are committed to support biotech and pharma to deliver breakthrough treatments for this sensory disease. Preclinical phases are a crucial path between discovery and clinical trials, and studies conducted on our pharmacological models in our GLP-compliant facility provide a solid foundation to develop and select the best candidates that will enter in the clinic,” added Peter Markham, CBSET’s CEO.

About CILcare

CILcare, with headquarters in Montpellier, France, and subsidiaries in Boston and Copenhagen, is a Contract Research Organization specializing in otology. CILcare has become the one-stop partner for pharmaceutical industries, biotechs and medtechs developing novel therapies for people with ear disorders. CILcare has state-of-the-art laboratories, research experts in otology and neuroscience, as well as a global network of partners, enabling to offer fully customizable and comprehensive R&D programs including pharmacokinetics, preclinical efficacy, and GLP ototoxicity studies. Learn more about CILcare’s expert R&D services dedicated to ear disorders.


CBSET is a state-of-the-art biomedical research institute located in Lexington, Mass. As a not-for-profit entity, our mission is to advance biomedical research through innovative, high-quality preclinical services to achieve the scientific, regulatory and commercial goals of our sponsors. Its 40,000-foot, GLP-compliant, OLAW-assured, AAALAC-accredited facility includes vivaria, procedure rooms, catheterization/ imaging labs, surgical and necropsy suites, histopathology, SEM, and a range of other technologies. CBSET provides top-tier research with operational expertise by combining in vivo studies, in vitro studies, computational and 3D modeling, and complex histopathology into one integrated paradigm. Since inception, CBSET continues to develop technical and scientific acumen through collaborative projects in the medical device, pharmaceutical and academic communities. Learn more about CBSET’s expert biomedical research services.

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