Press Release: CBSET appoints Rami Tzafriri PhD as Director of Research and Innovation

LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct 28, 2016 — CBSET Inc. announced today that it has appointed Dr. Rami Tzafriri as Director of Research and Innovation. Since 2009, Dr. Tzafriri has held the position of Principal Scientist at CBSET, where he developed quantitative computational and experimental methods for evaluating combination drug and energy delivery devices. He is best known for his publications on the mechanisms underlying the biological effects of drug-eluting stents and renal denervation RF catheters.

In his new role, Dr. Tzafriri will provide scientific direction to CBSET’s cutting edge translational research programs, leveraging institutional strengths in histopathology, interventions, imaging, bioanalysis and computational modeling. In support of this mission, Dr. Tzafriri has established postdoctoral fellowship and predoctoral internship programs, where promising young scientists are hosted for 1-3 years to work alongside CBSET researchers and key opinion leaders (KOLs). The program aims to accelerate the development of novel in vivo and bench models and help our sponsors translate their ideas into breakthrough therapies. These efforts will allow CBSET to continue to generate high-profile research publications that impact medical innovation.

“CBSET offers a unique opportunity for top innovators to evaluate novel therapies in an environment that combines high-level scientific expertise, speed in innovation, and rigorous regulatory compliance. Our approach to translational research has enabled shortened product development timelines and impactful product differentiation for several novel technology platforms. The appointment of a Director of Research and Innovation aligns with CBSET’s corporate vision of growth through investment in scientific collaboration, technology advancement, and novel method development,” said Peter M. Markham, President and CEO. “Dr. Tzafriri’s wealth of experience in directing complex quantitative research programs in a fast-paced CRO environment combined with his ability to effectively communicate our novel findings to R&D scientists and clinicians throughout the world makes him a perfect fit for this role.”

“I am excited by this opportunity to direct CBSET’s research and education missions and look forward to collaborating with an expanding array of industry, academic partners, and KOLs,” said Dr. Tzafriri. “Medical therapies are inherently complex and best understood using an integrative approach that combines quantitative experiments with computational modeling. CBSET is a leader in this area and the new role and the associated resources will allow us to use this paradigm in an expanded range of therapeutic areas for the benefit of our sponsors and the advancement of innovative therapies.”

Dr. Tzafriri holds an M.Sc. in Physics and received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for his research on biodegradable controlled-release devices and their use in the treatment of gingivitis and mammary tumors. He later held a postdoctoral research position in Dr. Elazer Edelman’s laboratory at MIT, with a focus on the development of ex-vivo and computational models to examine how blood flow and receptor-ligand interactions affect drug distribution in arteries and in the myocardium.

For more information about CBSET Research and Innovation program, contact Dr. Tzafriri: +1-781-541-5589,


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