Interventional Cardiology Clinics: Endovascular Drug Delivery and Drug Elution Systems: First Principles

AR Tzafriri, PhD;  ER Edelman, MD, PhD. Endovascular Drug Delivery and Drug Elution Systems: First Principles.

Summary: Endovascular drug delivery continues to revolutionize the treatment of atherosclerosis in coronary and peripheral vasculature. The key has been to identify biological agents that can counter the hyperplastic tissue responses to device expansion/implantation and to develop effective local delivery strategies that can maintain efficacious drug levels across the artery wall over the course of device effects. The current article reviews the evolution of endovascular drug delivery technology, explains the mechanisms they employ for drug release and provides a quantitative mechanistic framework for relating drug release mode to arterial drug distribution and effect.

Interventional Cardiology Clinics. 2016 Jul;5(3):307-320. doi: 10.1016/j.iccl.2016.02.007.


July 18, 2016