Endovascular Today: Lesion Preparation Using Diamondback 360 OAS Shown to Enhance Paclitaxel Distribution in Calcified PAD

September 11, 2017—CBSET announced that its scientists have published data and analyses regarding the barrier effects of calcified plaque on drug delivery and the treatment success of adjunctive lesion preparation therapy in the treatment of peripheral atherosclerosis. CBSET is a not-for-profit preclinical research institute dedicated to translational research, education, and advancement of medical technologies.

According to CBSET, these data demonstrated enhanced paclitaxel distribution in calcified human arteries after lesion treatment using the Diamondback 360 orbital atherectomy system (OAS; Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.) in a cadaver model with simulated flow and are published by Abraham R. Tzafriri, PhD, et al online in Journal of Controlled Release

As summarized in the paper (Calcified plaque modification alters local drug delivery in the treatment of peripheral atherosclerosis), the CBSET investigators evaluated the effects of orbital atherectomy on intraluminal paclitaxel delivery to human peripheral arteries with substantial calcified plaque.

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