Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

covid-19-ventilatorAs members of the Massachusetts biomedical research community, CBSET has been fortunate to remain fully operational throughout the COVID-19 crisis with no impact on daily research or animal health, while maintaining proactive measures to protect the safety of our team and visitors.

All current programs, including study starts, procedures, and deliverables are progressing as scheduled. Moreover, during the last two months we are very proud to have dedicated our resources to accelerate and fast track multiple projects essential to the fight against COVID-19, including the development of several low-cost bridging ventilator technologies now considered for use via the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

COVID-19 Projects:

For any/all investigators developing therapies for managing and treating COVID-19, CBSET is providing priority access to:

  • 24/7 operating room and laboratory services – including live video streaming
  • Rapid-turnaround histopathology services
  • Accelerated data deliverables and reporting timelines to assist in expedited submissions

covid-19-livestreamingIn addition, CBSET can provide access to potential COVID-19 animal models (Ace2, Tmprss2, Stat1 knockout mice, etc.) to support vaccine development.

We also provide large-animal models for evaluating ventilator designs and other devices/therapies, and we can collaborate with your team to develop a model to best address the needs of your program.

Beyond COVID-19:

Expanded live streaming: For projects that require active sponsor participation in this new era of limited travel and social distancing, CBSET has significantly expanded our live-streaming capabilities. Sponsors successfully participate and interact with our staff during surgical procedures via remote video. Learn more about our live streaming capabilities.

Dedicated staff: Our scientific and veterinary staff still operate completely independently, and we provide timely updates and documentation to meet our sponsor needs. It’s only with this dedicated staff that our programs have kept on track during the pandemic. Of course, we continue to welcome all of our visitors to our facility (Boston/Lexington), and we’re happy to continue to provide recommendations and assistance with accommodations.

Commitment to medical innovation: We continue our commitment to our mission of innovating technology, integrating science, and improving lives in all areas of health. No matter the focus of your developmental program, the highly trained team of CBSET technicians, scientists, veterinary surgeons, and board-certificated pathologists are ready to help.

Focus on health and safety: Be assured that we continue our focus on the health and safety of our CBSET team and our visitors, and maintain our operations under best practices to support you and your teams during this time.